Winter Gloves

Our hands require specific protection when working in the winter or in chilly conditions. To avoid repercussions like freezing, skin irritation, and tissue damage, special winter gloves are ideal for working situations in low temperatures and cold weather. The winter gloves facilitate your job throughout the colder months, as well as doing tasks in cold storage. They are also the perfect partner for order pickup, building management, and winter servicing because they protect you from mechanical risks in addition to subzero temperatures.


Thinsulate gloves

Thinsulate™ is a fabric made from synthetic fibers woven together in various thicknesses to keep your hands warm at a range of temperatures. Thinsulate™ gloves are winter gloves made using 3M's trademark Thinsulate™ insulation.

Cape with Bib

Freezer gloves

Freezer gloves are gloves designed to handle cold items, usually in a freezer, or for use in cold areas such as outdoor work in inclement climates. These gloves are engineered to protect the user from the dangerous effects of being exposed to cold temperatures, such as damage to the skin and, in severe cases, frostbite.