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Types of Leather

Cowhide is comfortable, durable and abrasion resistant. It is the most commonly used leather in the glove market. Cowhide leather gloves are typically chrome tanned to promote longevity.

Goatskin is preferred where tactile sensitivity is required.Goatskin provides excellent tensile strength and abrasion resistence. The high lanolin content makes it one of the softest leathers available.

Leather Palm Features

  1. Leather Fingertips
  2. Full Leather Forefinger
  3. Welted Seams
  4. Wing Thumb
  5. Continuous Pull
  6. Safety Cuff
  7. Shirred Elastic Back
  8. Knuckle Strap

Grain Leather

Grain leather is the smooth, attractive exterior side of the animal hide. Grain leather is comfortable, durable and offers better dexterity and sense of touch.


Split Leather

Split leather is the internal portion of the animal hide. The rougher texture of split leather makes it easy to differentiate from grain leather. Split is the most popular hide used in manufacturing leather palm gloves. It offers abrasion resistance for more heavy duty applications.

Thumb Construction

Keystone Thumb

Keystone thumbs offer the highest range of motion and are the most comfortable. This style offers a wide range if applications and is the most ergonomically correct work glove.

Wing Thumb

Wing thumbs are desiged for open handed work (pushing, pulling, lifting etc.) The seams are not exposed to wear when the palm is open, thus extending the life of the work gloves.

Straight Thumb

Straight thumbs are designed for close fisted work (shoveling, prying, sweeping, etc.) When the first is closed, the fist is closed, the seams are out of the wear area.


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